Furniture made according to your tastes
and your specific needs

According to your needs
Superior quality
Custom made

Residential cabinet

Are you interested in a custom-made kitchen, according to a very high quality standard? Our cabinets are manufactured on our premises, in the Acadian peninsula. Our cabinets do not come from an outside province or another country.

Our types of cabinets

Our types of residential cabinets

Polymer & Polyester

Polyester and polymer are durable materials that can have the appearance of solid wood or be opaque in color. Its doors are made in 5 components, in the same way as a solid wood door would be. And generally, manufacturers offer a very good warranty.

Natural wood

Natural wood offers great flexibility with door designs, staining, and manufacturing.


Cabinets finished with an opaque lacquer offer the greatest flexibility available for residential cabinets. The color choices are endless.

Commercial cabinets

Your business needs may be very specific, and we can meet them. Manufactured to a high standard of quality, and will give an exceptional look to your business, in the eyes of your customers.

Our types of cabinets

Our types of commercial cabinets


Laminate is the most widely used material in the commercial sector. It offers good durability and is relatively affordable.


Depending on the needs, melamine cabinets can be used for commercial purposes and are the least expensive option.

Solid surface

This material is a resin compound that can have the appearance of stone or be opaque in color. It is the number one choice for fast food restaurant tables and for receptions.

Custom furniture

Residential furniture

Whether for a simple bench seat or a bedroom set, or a dining table set, we can make it for you according to your needs.

Commercial furniture

You have a care home, or accommodation facility. Contact us for a meeting, we will be able to respond to your requests.

Made according to your tastes and your particular needs


Whether for furniture or a display for your products, solid wood can be a good option.

Our furniture is made to last over time.

Cutting board

We offer custom cutting board manufacturing. Do you want a cutting board that is not in our inventory? We can make one according to your needs. In addition, if you are a company, we can affix your logo to the cutting boards, with a minimum production quantity.

Our types of cutting boards


We have access to Canada’s largest material suppliers, giving you a very large selection of hardware. As standard we offer soft closing on drawers and doors.

We install Blum products, which is the world leader in this category. In a modern kitchen the choice of options are very impressive, and can make any kitchen ergonomic.

Whether it is closing a door or drawer by pressing a button, or simply a drawer with adjustable compartments for utensils, each kitchen can be arranged according to your needs.

Whether it is solid wood, or plywood, or simply a mixture of the two, our furniture is manufactured to last over time.

The wood species available range from domestic wood, maple, cherry, poplar, roasted maple, oak, walnut, and more, to exotic imported wood.